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Triumph Studios' custom engine

Code language:


Scripting language:


Job title:

C++ gameplay / UI programmer

Internship duration:

5 months (February 2013 - July 2013)

Employment duration:

5 months (July 2013 - December 2013)

Personal work:

• Creating & implementing a UI management system
• Passing UI data between Flash and C++
• Fixing gameplay & UI issues
• CityName Manager to manage random names for cities, fortresses and dwellings.
• Custom names for cities, fortresses and items.
• Entire custom Quest system (CORE gameplay feature)
• Automated Quest system for cities & dwellings (CORE gameplay feature)
• LUA scripting support
• AI for item management
• General optimizations to gameplay & UI

Age of Wonders III - GamesCom 2013 Gameplay:

Age of Wonders III - GDC 2013 Gameplay:


During my internship at Triumph Studios I have learned many new things such as working with designers and artists, working in a large codebase and improving my C++ skills.
One of the key things I learned during my internship was advanced debugging (using databreakpoints, stepping through code and using the callstack) to find difficult bugs.
Upon completing my internship I received a score of 90% (18/20) and got offered a job as a C++ gameplay programmer.
I have implemented many core gameplay features of Age of Wonders III and have also received a devblog post: Heroic Quests and Epic Loot
Working on Age of Wonders 3 is an amazing experience and Triumph Studios is a company filled with dedicated and skilled people.

Beta screenshots:

GamesCom 2013 screenshots:

GDC 2013 screenshots: