Code samples

Most of my best and recent C++/C# code was written for commercial videogames, I am unable to display this code on my portfolio.
Below is some sample code I wrote while I was in university.

C# | Project Demon - Unity

I started Project Demon to practice my math skills and to experiment with some new unity features such as navmeshes for pathfinding.
The original concept was to create a game such as 'Hotline Miami' with demons. This project is still in development.
I tried to wrote the code as clean and clear as possible, something I hope to achieve in all my future projects.

PlayerController code

EnemyController code

C++ | Crossplatform rendering - Windows & PS3

Although I am specialised in gameplay programming I did some engine programming for my university course of platform development.
The purpose of this application was to render a collection of cubes and octahedrons and to make this code work crossplatform.

MainProgram code

Camera code

Scenemanager code

Primitive code

Cube code

Octahedron code

GeometryTriangles code

C# | Quantum - XNA

Quantum is a 3rd person adventure game where the player has to find durable and clean energy and power up various buildings to advance in the game.
Quantum has been released as a launch title for Windows 8 desktop and tablet devices on Octobre 26 2012.

Camera code

Animation code

Movement code

Collision code