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Halo Wars 2


The Creative Assembly in collaboration with 343 Industries


Creative Assembly's custom engine

Code language:

C++, Actionscript 3.0

Job title:

Console UI Programmer

Employment duration:

10 months (April 2016 - February 2017)

Personal work:

• Implemented Strongholds & Domination UI using C++, Actionscript 3.0 and in-house graphical flow editor
• Integrated Timer systems and added scripting support
• Ability to swap between ControlGroups and CommandControls UI
• Minimap improvements with personal suggestions (click & drag) and general bugfixing
• Post Battle overlays to display Victory / Defeat for all game modes
• Displaying Controller Layout Settings
• Created Talking Head UI backends and added scripting support using XML data
• Bink video player UI integration with addition of skipping functionality and subtitles support
• MessageBox, WaitDialog and Notifications systems using data-driven methodologies (XML data)
• Loading Screen for Multiplayer including map preview, description and gamemode & map specific hints
• Supported Campaign UI requirements
• Implemented Mission Objectives screen for Singleplayer and CoOp
• Tips and hint generation and visualization for Matchmaking and Singleplayer
• Options UI serialization support to communicate with options backend and underlying engine infrastructure
• Skulls UI system for Campaign, CoOp Campaign and Multiplayer
• Player statistics UI visualization
• CoOp UI support for all screens where an action is required by both players
• Mute / MuteAll / Unmute implementation for PauseScreen
• Serialization of UI current state in SinglePlayer to support missions reloading
• Frontend CSR rank system visualization
• Hot-swap between Xbox controller input and mouse and keyboard for the UI
• Managed data from C++ to Actionscript using in-house graphical flow editor
• Integrated UI art and prepared it for code linking
• Collaborated with the game designers and artists to ensure quality in all aspects of the game
• Provided technical feedback on art assets for performances and feasibility
• Actionscript support for the technical artists
• Working together with the QA team to help distribute bugs & take responsibility of certain UI features
• UI feature implementation & bug fixes and support until game release

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