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Rare's custom engine

Code language:


Job title:

UI & Game Flow Engineer

Employment duration:

7 months (December 2013 - July 2014)

Personal work:

• Implemented music manager system to control music across UI and game states
• Created a system which displays animated icons during loading and saving, independent of UI state
• Added support for Dpad and Joystick navigation of the UI
• Fixed various issues relating to the subtitle system
• Implemented a progress bar system to visualize installation progress
• Support system using UI elements to visualize actions in Champion scanning process
• Interactive lobby system to view gamercards of rivalling players or champions
• Optimizations of various screens to only show available options
• Implemented feature which allows you to automatically equip all items for a given costume by scanning all available content
• Telemetry & UI support for KSR & KSR Demo
• Randomization of enemy champions for KSR Demo & Quickplay mode
• Event / track selection screen for various sports in QuickPlay mode
• UI changes to update voice over based on storyline changes
• Creating automated tests to test new features, UI screenflow and game logic
• Implementing UI & gameflow improvements
• Fixing UI or gameflow related crashes & bugs

Kinect Sports Rivals - From Science to Experience:

Kinect Sports Rivals - Announce Trailer:


Working at Rare on Kinect Sports Rivals was a great experience and gave a lot of insight into the game creation and engineering process within a AAA company.
One of the key things I learned is that consulting colleagues before implementing code changes is a great way to get an insight in a complex system and the possible results which can occur from these changes.
Automated testing is another great new process I learned which allows for reduced manual testing time and ensures that new or changed code doesn’t break any existing features within the game.
I really enjoyed working on Kinect Sports Rivals and I feel I have gained a lot of new technical engineering skills.