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Rare's custom engine

Code language:

C++, Actionscript 3.0

Job title:

Gameplay Software Engineer II

Project role:

Main UI Programmer

Employment duration:

8 months (January 2015 - September 2015)

Personal work:

• Made the global UI functional using C++, Actionscript 3.0 and Adobe Flash
• Implemented a UI navigation system using event-driven code
• Supported and collaborated with external partner Sprung studios doing UI flash integration
• Integrated Xbox controller input for the UI
• Created a datadriven system for all the various game stages
• Created a texturebuffer system to display movies within the UI
• Managed data from C++ to Actionscript
• Helped setup and organize the file system structure for the UI assets
• Integrated UI art and prepared it for code linking
• Collaborated with the designers and lead artist on Rare Replay to ensure quality in all aspects of the game
• Provided technical feedback on art assets delivered by outsourcing studio Sprung
• Actionscript support for the technical artists
• Assigned and helped with the tasks of technical artists and fellow programmers related to UI
• Training others to use and understand the UI system and its implementation within Rocket
• Took a lead & played a key role in the development of the UI within Rare Replay
• Working closely together with the QA team to help distribute bugs & take responsibility of the UI
• UI feature implementation & bug fixes and support until game release

Rare Replay Announce Trailer - E3 2015:


It was an amazing experience working on Rare Replay to celebrate Rare’s 30th anniversary.
During this project I had a fantastic opportunity to create the UI from the very start.
Because of my previous knowledge of the UI systems on Kinect Sports Rivals and Age of Wonders III I had a good understanding of the risks and challenges that were ahead.
One of the main new skills I have gained during this project is planning ahead, managing and helping the tasks of others when they needed help.
I have learned a lot from working on Rare Replay and I feel that both my technical skills and my planning and teamwork skills have improved by collaborating with the different disciplines within the team.