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Project description:

I am working on this project in a team of 4 (3 artists – 1 developer) competing in the Microsoft ImagineCup 2013.
Solipsism is a sidescrolling platform game where the player has to the ability to change the world from 3D to 2D and is able to record his actions which will be executed by an image of himself.

Project duration:

2 months

Personal work:

• Switching dimension from 2D to 3D
• Recording and displaying of actions
• Character movement & actions
• Every code that is in the game

Beta Video (March 2013 update):


This project is currently in it's Beta stage, we have created 2 levels and we have improved the shader and overall look and feel of the game.

Ingame screenshots:

Prototype testing:

At the start of this project I created a prototype and let a variety of users test this game.
These playtests made clear what was obvious to the users and what needed more explanation.

Prototype Video (October 2012 update):