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Storm Brothers



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Project description:

Storm Brothers was originally created for the gamejam of Brains Eden 2013 in 48 hours. We received 2nd place for our game out of 31 teams from universities all over Europe.
We are currently still working on this game and will release an updated version during Gamescon 2013.
In Storm Brothers 2 viking boys need to prove themselves worthy of becoming viking men by climbing a dangerous mountain and getting their weapons blessed by the viking gods!

Project duration:

48 hours

Personal work:

• Launching mechanic to throw vikings
• Anchorpoints and other gameplay elements
• Implementation of animations
• UI and controls

Updated GamesCom 2013 Video:

Gamejam Ingame screenshots:

Gamejam Video:


This project is currently in progress, a lot of gameplay will be optimized and levels will be made shorter, better and nicer looking.

Gamejam Ingame screenshots: