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Alternative Human-Computer Interaction, Master thesis


Unity (using GlovePie)

Code language:

C# & GlovePie script

Project description:

For my master thesis I was offered to research and develop a Brain-Computer Interface.
My thesis promoter ‘Mathy Vanbuel’ arranged a meeting with imec, where I was explained the basic functionality of the human brain, existing BCI’s, neurons, …
After a lot of research I decided to purchase the NeuroSky MindSet and started experimenting with its features.

Project duration:

6 months

Tech Video:


A lot of people have contacted me after I posted a video of this project up until today I am still getting messages about it.
I hope one day I can create a finished videogame for people to play with their NeuroSky MindSet because I really enjoyed working on this project.

Ingame screenshots: