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Project description:

I have worked on this project in a team of 4 students (2 artists – 2 developers) competing in the Microsoft ImagineCup.
Quantum is a 3rd person adventure game where the player has to find durable and clean energy and power up various buildings to advance in the game.

Quantum has been released as a launch title for Windows 8 desktop and tablet devices on October 26 2012, and has been mentioned in a Microsoft article: "Howest DAE – first academic institution to publish student projects in Windows Store"

Project duration:

2 months & 2 weeks

Personal work:

• Displaying objects in 3D, vertex drawing
• All camera systems: Third person camera, cinematic camera, overview camera.
• Loading and displaying of all animations.
• Character movement & actions.
• Collision detection & collision handling system.
• Building the entire world (positioning & collisionbox generation in code)
• Post-processing: Bloom effects
• HLSL Shader implementation
• Greenregion expansion
• AI behavior (not pathfinding)

Code samples:

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Video (June 2012 update):


This project has been an amazing experience for all of us, each member of the team has learned a lot during this process.
One of the important things I learned from working on this project is that code automatisation, pre-determined project structure and code cleanups are a must have in every long lasting project.
I have integrated a lot of vector and matrix mathematics into this project as well as written a automatic generated collision system for every building or object that is being placed into the world of Quantum.

Ingame screenshots: